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I saved a life by a generous giving a couple years ago.

A couple years ago I won a Garmin GPS. A highly advanced gadget for running. I was never going to use it, but knew a guy that would so I gave it to him. It turns my generous action saved his life this year. He has a couple kids and a wife.

Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:30 PM): Hi Josh
Me (Our Company) (2:30 PM): hello
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:31 PM): am i interupting anything important?
Me (Our Company) (2:31 PM):
Me (Our Company) (2:31 PM): what’s up?
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:31 PM): did you hear i was out on disability following bypass surgery?
Me (Our Company) (2:32 PM): i did. that must have been very terrifying.
Me (Our Company) (2:32 PM): maybe must be
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:32 PM): all happened very fast, so not too much tiMe to worry.
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:32 PM): do you reMe mber the garmin forerunner 305 gps heart monitor you gave Me several years ago?
Me (Our Company) (2:33 PM): i do.
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:33 PM): i started using the heart monitor part last march while training for the burlington marathon.
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:33 PM):
i quickly found out i had an irregular heart beat when doing long stenuous exercise
Me (Our Company) (2:34 PM):
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:34 PM): that lead to tests, and more tests
Me (Our Company) (2:34 PM):
so you just started using that last march
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:34 PM): and finaly bypass.
Me (Our Company) (2:34 PM): wow
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:34 PM):
i had always been using the gps for milage, tiMe s elevation
Me (Our Company) (2:34 PM): how did you know the heart was irregular?
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:34 PM): just not the band
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:34 PM): hit 191 beats per minute at mile 14 on a long training run
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:35 PM): 168 should have been my max
Me (Our Company) (2:35 PM): is that bad
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:35 PM): they said it was an electrical problem, but turned out to be a plumbing problem
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:35 PM): or near blockage
Me (Our Company) (2:35 PM):
your max is 168?
Me (Our Company) (2:35 PM): is that your 220-age formula?
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:36 PM):
Me (Our Company) (2:36 PM): my max right now is 191 i think
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:36 PM):
younger than i look, soMe people say
Me (Our Company) (2:36 PM):
Me (Our Company) (2:36 PM): so how was the surgery
Me (Our Company) (2:37 PM): painful after?
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:37 PM):
narcotics took the edge off
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:37 PM): just depressing being in the hospital
Me (Our Company) (2:37 PM): could you move around? what does that Me an for your future training?
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:37 PM): going to start cardiac rehab at the end of july.
Me (Our Company) (2:38 PM): whats that look like?
Me (Our Company) (2:38 PM): no more marathon?
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:38 PM): they have you walk on a tread mill while hooked up to electrodes
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:38 PM): hope they will let Me run again at soMe point. but may be done with marathon training
Me (Our Company) (2:39 PM): did you notice anything odd leading up to that point, like fatigue?
Me (Our Company) (2:39 PM): i’d imagine you’d eat a healthy diet and such
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:40 PM):
no, problem was only with exercise, but docs indicated, i could have dropped dead from a heart attack, if I had not figured this out in tiMe
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:41 PM): so, i am thanking you again for the Garmin
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:42 PM):
GE requires my doc to sign off before i return to work, may be the beginning of August
Me (Our Company) (2:42 PM):
you’re welcoMe . glad everything is working out and you are getting better. hopefully you can start running soon again.
Co-Worker (Our Company) (2:43 PM): Me too, will see you likely in a few weeks, take care
Me (Our Company) (2:44 PM): take care


A Good Weekend

So sometimes when I go to sleep, I can’t sleep because I’m stressed out with too much on my mind. Yesterday night I couldn’t sleep because I was too joyful. 

I don’t know which is more annoying. Either way, it was an interesting experience. 

It was just having a good time with my daughter. Swimming. Drawing. Eating. Playing. Building. It’s just nice to get away from the stress of everyday life. It was awesome.

I think you feel so much it’s just hard to express. Like all the things I didn’t realize before having a child. How relationships grow so much over time. How things change so much and how you miss the days when they were just a bit littler.

It’s great a feeling. Overwhelming with complexity in emotions. You learn what is really important in life and that is our relationships.


A Conversation w/ A Friend

Yesterday I hung out with a friend. We discussed the Trayvon/Zimmerman tragedy.

My friend made some very good points. First, if the police would have taken the situation seriously from the start and valued the life of Trayvon Martin, we might be having a different conversation.

We both agreed that Zimmerman should be guilty of something. Trayvon Martin was 17. Zimmerman was 27. Zimmerman knew Trayvon Martin looked like a teenager.

We had some very interesting conversations to say the least over this topic.

I work in a services oriented business where my job is to help customers get the sophisticated services they need using a complex software system. We discussed how you have higher valued customers versus lowered valued customers and how its wrong to treat either different, they should all be treated with the equality that they are a paying customer.

Rachel Jeantel

I recently watched Rachel Jeantel’s testimony by the prosecution and the defense. I have to say given her circumstances I feel she did a good job.

I think the prosecution did a good job showing that she was on the other line showing that Trayvon was concerned for his safety which I believe Zimmerman did scare Trayvon.

I believe there was a scuffle. I think they intersected and one or the other started a confrontation. I think Trayvon probably physically attacked Zimmerman. Zimmerman does not strike me as the kind of aggressive person to physically attack another person. No offense, but he looks like too timid to confront someone straight forward.

I think Zimmermans defense did a good job in pointing in the cracks of her testimony and timeline, but I think anyone can really see, she was not hiding anything in particular, I honestly feel like she was shocked and didn’t know how to emotionally deal with the situation. Why she lied in particular situations is unclear, but people in emotionally difficult situations do crazy things.

All in all, I think she did a good job, and I feel like the media is doing an awful job at correctly representing her. I think the media should be legally held responsible for citing their sources when publishing and covering such incidents.


Feeling a little low and venting.

This post is a warning to all men out there to be careful with whom you decide to have children with.

Women, do not have much invested other than time with children. To them raising children is some what natural, socially accepted, and supported by the vast majority of our system, and rightfully so.

Now as a Man if you have a child with a woman that you separate from, your life, excuse my language is fucked. I’ll tell you why. Child support. Lack of time with your child. A constant struggle on agreements. Other “grown ups” such as another spouse, and just general hostility.

You’ll also spend tons and tons of money and none of it to better your family, all of it to keep your connection with your kid, and you will go to crap. You will not be able to keep up with your bills, but will be expected to provide for the Mom, which they say is for the child.

And if you walk away, you some how are a dead beat dad because you were not tough enough to continue enduring years and years of sadness week in and week out. Some how real men are supposed to endure emotional abuse and cards naturally stacked against them.

So men, before you go out there having sex with that girl because you think she’s hot and it “feels” good. Do yourself a favor and spend time with her first, you know date, do things together, don’t just have sex with her, and if the emotional volatility is easily seen, you bet its going to be a long ride with her that leaves your butt sore, freedom stolen, and a life long pain of feeling left out from your child’s life.


The State of Florida versus George Zimmerman Opinion Pt 2

I was sitting here trying to figure out the best way to describe this tragedy.

Zimmerman was going to the grocery store to get some groceries for the week. While Trayvon was walking home from 7-11 after purchasing some skittles and iced tea.

Both had imperfect past as we all have. Both pasts had a toxic mix.

I think the best way initially to describe this scenario was pointless, to senseless, to eventually simply foolish. They were both foolish.

The State of Florida versus George Zimmerman Opinion

I believe Zimmerman probably racially profiled Trayvon, but i don’t think Zimmerman murdered him to the 2nd degree. i think the crime is much less than that.

I think Trayvon was scared (text and phone call evidence), and given his personality and history did ambush/confront Zimmerman.

If i put myself in Trayvon’s shoes, if I feared my safety like that I may either do the same thing or run to get away. who knows.

Trayvon used poor judgement when assaulting Zimmerman, which was the crime on his part, physical assault. given Zimmerman’s history and personality, he did pursue Trayvon when he should have just went to the grocery store, and let the police assess the situation, but given his hobbies seeing Trayvon acting strange he let curiosity get the better of him.

I believe Zimmerman killed Trayvon in self-defense when Trayvon went for Zimmerman gun during Trayvon’s assault on Zimmerman. numerous witnesses have given statements about the assault that aligns with Zimmerman’s.

I think there is so much more here to discuss, but in a nutshell, i think these two guys made poor choices with fatal consequences.

I think if anything gun control here should be the hot topic of this case. I don’t think Zimmerman would have felt empowered to pursue Trayvon without the weapon.

With that said, my sympathies go out to Trayvon’s family and friends. It is a very tragic loss.

What web sites do you frequently visit and why?

What web sites do you frequently visit and why?

I frequently visit a variety of web sites. Mostly for entertainment, social, and information purposes.


  • Stumbleupon.com
  • Netflix.com
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • Spotify
  • Yahoo
  • Google
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Reddit
  • Gmail
  • CNN
  • YouTube
  • Google EDU
  • Champlain College
  • Amazon
  • Craigslist
  • Espn

I visit a lot of them just for up to date information, shopping, and entertainment for no particular purpose other than enjoying reading the content.

What do you do for a living?

What do you do for a living?

I am a application support specialist in a nutshell. I have been doing that job since I turned 20. Before I turned 20, I worked at various computer software companies before as a network administrator and then doing technical support. Since I’ve been 20 I’ve worked for large organizations on large software platforms doing various tasks from debugging to customization. I enjoy it.

If you were suddenly independently wealthy, how would

If you were suddenly independently wealthy, how would you spend your time? What positive change would you bring to the world?

This is an interesting question. If I suddenly found myself independently wealthy I would spend more time with my daughter. We would do more productive things in the world together. I would volunteer in some support organization or cause to be determined. I would also spend time in higher education educating myself. That’s exactly what I would do.